Increase the nuber of push-ups!

By pushing-up with PushUppy, you will keep Your muscles toned and get used to the daily sports activities that will make you feel much better every day. In the end of this game you will be able to push-up 100+ times

Become a sport lover with our game And Increase Number of push-ups!

Watch our short video about our app, it will help you to understand why you need to download it on your smartphone imediately!

About the game

PushUppy is a simple fitness game that will help you to become a true sport lover. All you need is a smartphone with Android and a little wish!

30 days free fitness programm

We have got a professionaly compiled push-up programm for you. Completely free!

2 mods of the game

You can complete our compled levels or challange yourself and your friends in an unlimited mode!

How to play Pushuppy game?

Simply put your smartphone on your head level. Take a position for push-ups and do the push-ups with touching the smartphone with your nose!

Simple gameplay!

You will understand the gamplay in seconds. If no, we have got useful instruction for you, just swipe to the left in our app!

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You can share your result in an unlimited mode and challange your friends on Facebook or Twitter!